College Program



FOFK provides storage containers filled with school supplies and all the essentials needed to transition into dormitory living. FOFK continually works to seek out opportunities to build our scholarship program.

FOFK works directly with the Department of Health and Human Services to:

FOFK College Wish list case worker and kid

  • Email Student Wish List forms to Specialist
  • Specialists work with students to identify school needs.
  • Student Wish Lists are returned to FoFK for distribution.

How FoFK obtains our donors for our College & Careers Program:

  • Call for donors are made through social media.
  • Completed Student Wish Lists are sent to Angel donors.
  • Items are purchased specifically for the individual student and their areas of study.

FoFK partners with Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative (MYOI) to purchase:

  • Laptops for Students – FoFK helps purchase laptops, software, printers, ink and warranties for students.
  • College Text Books – FoFK purchases textbooks for specific studies.
  • Campus Bus Passes / Bicycles – FoFK purchases campus bus passes and bicycles to help with students transportation to classes and job opportunities.

Items collected from Donors are:

FOFK College supplies 1

  • Class Supplies
  • Backpacks
  • Scientific calculators

FOFK College Supplies 2

  • Area rugs & linens
  • Storage Bins
  • Cleaning supplies

FOFK College Supplies 3

  • Hygiene products
  • Dorm refrigerators & microwaves

Angels Unite! Local College-bound foster kids need your help!

You, with your friends, can sponsor a student with the essentials they need to work towards a successful future!

Make a difference & email us at to request a student’s wish list TODAY! Thank you for your continued support!

Hats off to Grads Program

Hats off to Grad Program was created to celebrate foster children’s accomplishments as they have overcome insurmountable odds!

2017 Hats Off to Grads! Celebration

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